Mango diplomacy creating a soft image describing Pakistan as a ‘strategic economic hub.
Mango Diplomacy Is The Best Way To Create Pakistan’s Soft Image: SOURCE: BOLNEWS.COM

Mangoes are not exclusively Pakistan’s national fruit, they are likewise part of the culture, a networking device, an instrument of social bonding and a strategic messenger deserving of being gifted to dignitaries everywhere on the world.

Mango diplomacy, that was done this year, is the most ideal approach to expose heads of states and governments, princes and kings to Pakistan, making a delicate image portraying Pakistan as a ‘vital economic hub with stunning society, customs, cuisine, fruits, and above all its people.

President Dr. Arif Alvi said that Mango Diplomacy is the most ideal approach to make Pakistan’s delicate image the world over

Prior Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne communicated his adoration for Pakistani flavorful mangoes and thanked toward President Arif Alvi for sending gift of Pakistani mangoes.

President Dr. Arif Alvi had sent the gift of mangoes to different heads of states under Mango Diplomacy.

In July, President Arif Alvi had concluded that Pakistan would promote trade by gifting mangoes to every single neighborly nation.

The mango gifts had been dispatched to Nepal, Singapore, Spain, the UK, Italy, Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, Morocco, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other friendly nations.

Remarkably, Pakistan dispatched generally overall 4,810 kilograms of mangoes to the heads of states of 17 nations.

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