Ali gul pir new song Karle jo karna he
Ali gul pir new song Karle jo karna he

Ali Gul Pir, a celebrity of many traits, has released a new rap song for his fans. The track has been named “Kar Le Jo Karna Hai”, which is literally “Do What You Want” in English. The sole focus of the song, is struggle and hard work, through which the rapper gained fame and popularity.

Listen on Youtube, Kar Le Jo Karna Hai by Ali Gul Pir

The Vlogger/ Singer/ Comedian gained overnight fame in 2012, with his hit YouTube music video titled “Waderai Ka Beta”. The video focused on satire upon the tribal area “Waderai” and the likes of them, within a catchy and relatable rap. It was so popular back then, that this became the rapper’s whole claim to fame.

he tweeted:

NEW SONG ALERT! I dedicate this song to all those who try and have tried to silence me. Watch it and share #KarleJoKarnaHai

Kar Le Jo Karna Hai by Ali Gul Pir.

He hasn’t had as much success with his solos, since then. But here’s hoping that the artist gets what he deserves for his work. He’s also released other political and satirical songs like “Taroo Marhun”, “VIP”, “Modi Teri”, “Tea is Fantastic”, “Sab Ki Bajao”, “De Maar Saaray Chaar”, and so on.

As if song couldn’t get any more controversial, Pir took a direct jab at Zafar by singing “I love you a lot, I’m calling this song Channo ki maut,” referring to Zafar’s famous song, Channo. 

The new video has already crossed 44K views on YouTube in just 2 days, and is being shared on Facebook a lot too. Maybe a sign that this one might be a record breaker as well.

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