India identified PM Imran Khan’s number through Israeli spyware
50,000 numbers of politicians, journalists tapped source:

Pakistani authorities, Rahul Gandhi, an Indian high court judge amid targets.

India has identified a phone used by Prime Minister Imran Khan for using Israeli company malware, Haaretz said Monday, sparking fears of increased privacy and human rights abuses. Several Pakistani officials, Kashmiri freedom fighters, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, and even an Indian high court judge have been targeted, the letter said. Sources told that India had tried to intercept calls and messages from Federal Cabinet members with spyware, which led Pakistan to develop new software for its ministers.

Following this development, a high-level meeting of civil and military leadership was convened to decide on the future of the anti-India exploration effort.

“Targeted monitoring is illegal and tragic,” Gandhi said.

Meanwhile, in response to the development, Gandhi said: “The surveillance of the descriptive genre, whether by myself, other opposition leaders, or in fact any law-abiding citizen in India, is illegal and unfortunate.” “If your information is accurate, the quality and status of the information you describe goes beyond the attacks on personal privacy. It is an attack on the base of our country’s democracy. It must be thoroughly investigated, and those involved must be identified and punished. ” A Congress leader changes his cell phone every few months to prevent burglaries. At the time of publication, New Delhi did not confirm or deny whether it was a client of the Israeli company NSO or not. However, its laws do not oblige the government to disclose the use of this technology.

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

India’s Ministry of Information and Technology, answering questions from The Washington Post, said the allegation that specific individuals were being targeted “has no basis in fact.” “Any disconnection, hiring, or painstaking of any information on any computer service is done by applicable law,” he added. It is worth mentioning here that according to Reuters, India is the largest arms buyer in Israel, buying about $ 1 billion worth of weapons annually.

Israeli private malware used to spy on journalists, activists

Activists, journalists, and politicians worldwide have been investigating the use of cell phone malware by an Israeli company, reports said on Sunday, fueling fears of increased privacy and human rights abuses. The use of software, called Pegasus and developed by the Israeli NSO Group, was reported by The Washington Post, The Guardian, Le Monde, and other media outlets that co-operated with the data leak investigation.

50,000 numbers of politicians, journalists tapped

The leak has been on the list of up to 50,000 phone numbers believed to be identified as people interested in NSO customers since 2016, reports said. Not all of those numbers were hacked after that, and leaked media said more details about those at risk would be released in the coming days. Among the numbers listed are those of journalists from media organizations around the world, including Agence France-Presse, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, France 24, Radio Free Europe, Mediapart, El PaÃs, Associated Press, Le Monde, Bloomberg, Economist, Reuters and Voice of America, Guardian said. The use of software to hack Al Jazeera journalists and Moroccan journalists was previously reported by Citizen Lab, a research center at the Toronto University, and Amnesty International.

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