High Electric Bills: The PM Holds Emergency Meeting on High Electric Bills
Protests about Electricity Prices Continue: Important Meeting Held. image source: propakistani.pk

High Electric Bills: People nationwide have been protesting against the high electricity costs for three days. Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar led an emergency meeting on Sunday to address this urgent situation.

The Promise of Quick Help:

After the meeting, the Interim Prime Minister assured everyone that they are working to give speedy and the most help they can. He shared this on a platform called X.

Steps to Help People:

The Interim Prime Minister told the Power Division and Finance Division to make a plan. This plan is meant to help people with their high Electric Bills . Also, he wants to know about the free electricity that government workers get. He will get a report about this. The Interim Prime Minister also wants to use less electricity in government offices.

Fast Plan for Relief:

A detailed announcement from the government said that the Interim Prime Minister wants a clear plan within 48 hours. This plan should show how they will help people with their electricity bills. The announcement explained that he wanted to do this without making the country spend more money.

Meeting with Chief Ministers:

The Prime Minister will talk to the leaders of the provinces. They will discuss how to save electricity and fix the high bills from July.

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Stopping Electricity Theft and Making Changes:

The Prime Minister told the companies that give out electricity to make a plan. This plan should stop people from stealing electricity. Also, these companies should plan to improve the power system in the short, medium, and long terms.


In conclusion, the emergency meeting led by Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar addressed the ongoing protests against high electricity prices. The meeting concluded with a promise of quick and significant relief for the public. Steps were outlined to create a plan to reduce electricity bills, investigate free electricity for government employees, and decrease electricity usage in government offices. The government aims to provide relief without increasing the financial burden. Further discussions with provincial chief ministers will focus on electricity-saving measures and resolving the issue of inflated bills. Additionally, directives were given to electricity distribution companies to combat theft and implement short-, medium–, and long-term reforms in the power sector. This meeting signals the government’s commitment to addressing the public’s concerns and ensuring a more efficient and affordable electricity system.

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