GOVT ESTABLISH ‘BAYTEE APP’: Entitling women by setting up ‘BAYTEE’ app.
GOVT ESTABLISH ‘BAYTEE APP’: Entitling women by setting up ‘BAYTEE’ app.

The government is good to go to dispatch a phone application named ‘Baytee’ which is planned for entitling women through data and correspondence innovations.

As per IT service, under the program “Baytee”, a phone application is being established which will go about as a solidified entrance that will give support on women rights, disperse data on laws and guidelines, search women centered educations schools, scholarships, training, work entryway, health administrations, helpline, and much more.

A devoted helpline will likewise be made accessible for women under the “Baytee” project. In addition, the Baytee application will likewise furnish women with data on all open and private sector women strengthening project.

It must be noticed that former Federal Minister for Information and Technology Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in November 2019 declared to build up a ‘Baytee’ phone application for women.

The choice was made during a gathering held in Federal Ministry for Information Technology and Telecommunication with government serve Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in the chair.

PTI has consistently been excited about enabling the women of Pakistan as it accepts that women can play a significant job in the improvement of the nation whenever given the correct chances. Past governments neglected to present ace women strategies yet with PTI in power, the women of Pakistan don’t have to fear. PTI has chosen to make every single vital walk for the consideration of women in society as equivalent residents. It targets improving women entrance to financial chances, and expanding youngster girls’ entrance to essential training.

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