Amazon Launches New Humanoid Robot on Trial Basis Into Warehouses
Fears Of Employee Displacement as Amazon Launches New Humanoid Robot

Tech Giant Pilots Humanoid Robot:

Amazon is testing a humanoid robot with two legs and arms that can pick up empty boxes and weigh 16kg. This initiative aims to streamline warehouse operations by automating menial, mundane, and repetitive tasks.

Addressing Employee Concerns:

Reassurances from Amazon Leadership

In light of concerns about job displacement due to the introduction of robots in Amazon warehouses, the company’s leadership has assured its workforce that human employees remain invaluable and irreplaceable. They emphasize that this technology is not intended to reduce the number of warehouse workers.

Human Expertise Essential:

The Role of Human Intelligence

Tye Brady, Amazon’s chief technologist, affirms the essential role of human workers in the fulfilment process. He stresses that people bring critical problem-solving and higher-level thinking skills to the table, making them indispensable.

Amazon’s Robotic Advancements:

Robotic Innovations in Amazon Warehouses

Amazon has been actively testing and implementing robotic systems in its warehouses. Alongside the humanoid robot Digit, they’ve introduced Sequoia, a robotic system designed to expedite deliveries by significantly improving goods storage and order processing times.

Balancing Automation with Collaboration:

Amazon’s Approach to Robotics

Despite external perceptions that Amazon aims to fully automate its warehouses, the company emphasizes its commitment to collaborative automation. Amazon aims to support and augment its human workforce with robots, not replace them.

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Amazon’s Expansion in Pakistan:

Setting Foot in Pakistan

In addition to its robotics endeavours, Amazon is expanding its presence in Pakistan by establishing a local office under named Amazon Data Service Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. They are also forming a team for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the region.

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