Original Content Is More Valuable Than Replica - Prime Minister Khan
Imran Khan advises Filmmakers to create their own content. source: geo.tv

Original Content Has More Importance Than Duplicate ones – PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about developing original content instead of coping with other resources. While he was addressing the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) award ceremony in Islamabad. Moreover, while explaining his point, he criticizes the filmmakers of Pakistan that they, somehow, copy the ideas and contents of India.

Furthermore, he said that at the beginning, we started copying the concepts of Bollywood. However, the unique and original content has its own worth and value. In addition, he says that Pakistan is now adopting foreign concepts and culture instead of promoting our culture across the world.

While pointing to the budding filmmakers, PM advises them to introduce their unique and innovative ideas with no fear of failure.

One who is Afraid of Failure will never become successful – PM Khan:

In this regard, Khan says, if people want to advertise a flexible image of Pakistan across the world, then they have to promote “Pakistani culture”. Also, we can only advertise the flexible and soft image of Pakistan by the partnership and, for this, we need to promote what we are and what is our original identification.

Moreover, “people think that by adopting western culture and speaking English, they can reflect the positive image of Pakistan. At this stage I was called Taliban Khan”, Prime Minister urges.

“Doing a westernized dressing and speaking English is nothing. But it is a huge sign of inferiority complex” PM added. We can reflect the soft image by creating self-confidence. For this, you must respect yourself, in order to get respect from the entire world.

As a matter of fact, the world gives importance to the original content. Previously Pakistan produced several unique and innovative projects that grab the hearts of Pakistanis and well as Indians. Besides, Pakistan covers almost 12 climate zones so it can grow whatever it wants to grow.


At the end of the ceremony, Fawad Chaudhary says that the media plays a crucial role in displaying the reputation of Pakistan across the globe. So Pakistan should create decent and self-made content so that people from all over the world would appreciate them.

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