In the past, WWE has had a few notable competitors. WCW, ECW, being two of the biggest. But eventually, WWE took over the wrestling community, and today holds an almost monopoly on the western wrestling world. So far, for a long time, other competitors haven’t been able to hold up to the standard that WWE has set over the decades.

But recently, a much bigger, and way richer competitor rose to prominence. AEW, is handled by the Khan Family, that owns the Jacksonville Jaguars of NFL. While WWE’s owner Vince MacMahon is rich, they’re approximately 4 times richer. Plus the addition big time pro-wrestlers like Cody, Dustin and Brandi Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and more, have brought even more light to the brand.

After, RAW and SMACKDOWN, the third big brand that the WWE’s working on, has been NXT. It was mainly a platform for people to learn and get trained, for joining one of the two bigger brands. But they’ve planned now on making it an individual brand in itself. However, as AEW Dynamite, has been beating NXT, at ratings for some time now. This might be, if there ever was, the right time for WWE to feel threatened.

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