A team from Transport Canada Will visit Pakistan on December 4.
Transport Canada's Security Audit Visit to Pakistan.

Purpose of the Visit: A delegation from Transport Canada is scheduled to visit Pakistan in December to conduct a comprehensive security audit. This audit will encompass assessing security measures for direct flights to Canada and security arrangements at various airports in Pakistan.

Delegation’s Itinerary:

The Transport Canada delegation is set to arrive in Karachi during the first week of December, commencing their audit at the Jinnah International Airport. During their stay, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) will provide a detailed briefing to the Canadian delegation regarding the institution’s security protocols and organizational structure. Additionally, the foreign delegation will inspect various facets of airport operations, including PIA aircraft, airport security, cargo handling, flight kitchens, and ground handling.

Scope of Security Measures:

The forthcoming visit aims to assess the efficacy of security measures in place for direct flights from major Pakistani airports, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The delegation will scrutinize various aspects, such as baggage screening, cargo handling, and the functionality of security equipment.

Recent Developments:

It’s worth noting that despite previous reports of issues, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has asserted that its flight operations to Canada remain unaffected and are operating as scheduled. The reported grounding of a PIA plane in Canada due to non-payment of dues was resolved when the ground handling company’s outstanding dues of $200,000 were cleared.

Expectations and Upcoming Visits:

Pakistan holds high expectations for restoring direct flight operations to the United Kingdom and Europe. This optimism is rooted in the upcoming visits by aviation audit teams, including the delegation from the British safety agency (Department for Transport) scheduled for the end of October. Following a three-year ban, it is anticipated that the national carrier will be permitted to resume direct flights to European countries after obtaining clearance from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


The upcoming visit by Transport Canada’s delegation to Pakistan in December is vital for assessing and strengthening security measures in the nation’s direct flights and airports. The comprehensive audit, beginning in Karachi, will evaluate security protocols across major airports, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Recent disputes regarding grounding a PIA plane in Canada due to unpaid dues have been resolved, affirming that flight operations to Canada remain unaffected. Furthermore, Pakistan’s optimism for restoring direct flight operations to the UK and Europe is buoyed by the forthcoming visit of the British safety agency. With these audits and resolutions, Pakistan looks forward to enhancing international travel connections and boost aviation safety standards.

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