Dilruba, a story about one girl who flirts with every other guy.

Erum calls Sanam and attempts to invite her to their brother’s wedding however she impolitely talks with her. What sort of behavior she is showing to her family? Her behavior with her family is so wrong and disrespectful, avoiding her own son, and spends the greater part of her time with Farhaad.

Arsalan’s wedding happens and there Sanam’s mom sees that Junaid’s mom is Tayee of Sehrish ‘Arsalan’s Mother’ Junaid’s mom ought to have controlled herself out in the function as it is their family event, a marriage of her family’s girl but she scares Sanam’s mom that she will destroy Sanam’s life.

Erum offers her mom an advice to ignore this circumstance and that isn’t to let Sherish meet her family members and not to authorize her to go to home. Sanam’s mom stops Sehrish to visit her parents’ house on the first day after her wedding. Sanam’s mom is adding misunderstanding to her son and his wife’s relationship.

Sanam is so much busy spending time with her lover Farhaad that she is intentionally avoiding her own child. She isn’t dealing with her child Ayaan like she used to deal with him before she met with Farhaad. Farhaad is also getting annoyed with the child. Finally Farhaad asks her to marry which has shocked Sanam if Sanam leaves Khurram he will lose the property and money as well.

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