SOURCE: DAWN.COM Military training program:
SOURCE: DAWN.COM Military training program:

President of US Donald Trump has approved the resumption of International Military Education and Training (IMET).

US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Ambassador Alice Wells tweeted that the choice was taken by President Trump to fortify military-to-military collaboration among US and Pakistan on shared needs and advance US national security.

The choice comes a day after the US killed Iran’s top military authority of the world class Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, Major-General Qassem Soleimani in an airstrike, who had helped Iran battle intermediary wars over the Middle East by rousing state armies on the combat zone and haggling with political pioneers.

“To strengthen mil2mil cooperation on shared priorities & advance US national security, @POTUS authorized the resumption of International Military Education and Training #IMET for Pakistan. The overall security assistance suspension for Pakistan remains in effect”. AGW

In any case, Wells affirmed that the general security help suspension for Pakistan stays in actuality.

In December 2019, the Trump organization has affirmed the resumption of Pakistan’s interest in a coveted US military training and educational program over a year after it was suspended.

The choice to continue Islamabad’s interest in the IMET, for over 10 years a mainstay of US-Pakistani military ties, underscores warming relations that have followed gatherings this year between President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Washington likewise has acknowledged Islamabad for encouraging arrangements on a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. The discussions as of late continued between the United States and the Taliban.

The State Department manages IMET. It was a little feature of US security help programs for Pakistan worth some $2 billion that stay suspended on orders that Trump suddenly gave in January 2018 to constrain the atomic equipped South Asian country to crackdown on militants.

Pakistan’s suspension from the program in August 2018 incited the cancellation of 66 openings put in a safe spot that year for Pakistani military officials in one of the first known effects of Trump’s choice to stop security help.

The US military customarily has tried to shield such educational projects from political pressures, arguing that the ties worked by carrying outside military officials to the United States deliver long haul profits.

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