Tum Ho Wajah, a story filled up with one single mistake ruined everything.

Babar enters into the house with his wife, he told everybody regarding the nikkah everybody is shocked and upset as it is his dad’s 40th-day Funeral. Chachoo indeed attempts to fire up the issue however this time Babar’s mom nicely handles the matter and she happily accepts Babar’s wife.

Sitara is extremely hurt that her brother picks the same day for his nikkah when it is his dad’s Chelum. Sitara reminds her mom that Babar has did a similar crime that Chanda did then why Babar is forgiven while Chanda is as yet suffering.

Babar has no clue about that by wedding the girl he welcomed difficulties to him and to his home. Babar’s wife’s family is too wild once they will know about his location they won’t shy away to attack his home too and can hurt him and his family.

Shahab’s mom is making Chanda’s life full of troubles. She is troubling her with huge amounts of work not caring that she is pregnant. She is scolding Chanda taking her dad’s name on which Chanda gets irate and she fights back and on which Shahab’s mom decides to show her a lesson. She in a smart manner informs Shahab regarding Chanda’s behavior on which he gets mad and he is pulling her down from the stairs when she fell off the stairs and it appears that she has lost her baby.

In short, Chanda is getting the most terrible treatment she has ever imagined in her life by her in laws and Shahab.

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