The nation is celebrating Pakistan Day with simplicity.

The country is celebrating Pakistan Day with effortlessness in the middle of an occurrence of the coronavirus outbreak as every open social event and occasions were dropped to contain additionally spread of COVID-19.

Pakistan Day is being seen with straightforwardness to remember the section of Lahore Resolution on this day in 1940, under which the Muslims of the sub-continent set the plan of accomplishing a different country.

Pakistanis have swear to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

Military march and other open occasions have been delayed the nation over as a well-judged step, be that as it may, the state radio and TV will communicate special projects and media houses will feature the significance of Pakistan Day.

On March 22, in face of the rising worldwide disaster of coronavirus, Pakistan Day related national honor appropriation due today had been break off inconclusively by the administration.

The function has been delayed at numerous administration building, the essential function was to happen at the President’s House on Monday ‘today’ while another service was to be held at provincial governor houses of the nation.

The bureau division had chosen to suspend the function, it has likewise been declared that the authority Presidential house representative has affirmed the news to be valid.

It is appropriate to specify here that the absolute tally of coronavirus cases has come to up to 776 till Sunday night while five deaths were affirmed and five people recovered their wellbeing in Pakistan.

The country is celebrating Pakistan National Day

The country is celebrating Pakistan National Day with very simplicity due to corona virus outbreak

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