Shahid Afridi faces controversy of getting his make-up completed from a lady.
Shahid Afridi Faces Controversy After Make-up Footage SOURCE: LETSGUPSHUP.COM

Former captain and star all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, likewise referred to in the media as Boom Boom, is very well known for his on-field shenanigans. He’s famous for his superb boundaries. He is without any doubt one of the best all-rounders. He’s famous for his excellent. Afridi himself believes that he’s a more prominent bowler than a batsman.

Controversies have determined him all through his career. Be it for anti-feminist comments against ladies playing cricket or his absence of quality performance. Although, this time Boom Shahid Afridi has arrived in high temp water for his bombastic ‘innocence’ and hypocrisy in the wake of completing a make-up done by a lady.

We have seen a picture of Shahid Afridi getting his make-up finished from a woman. Supposedly he’s in Dubai for the shoot of his advertisements. As an outcome of this picture which has circulated around the web. Shahid Afridi is facing some serious controversy because of again in his participating in days even with the fact that, Afridi would not shake a woman’s hand after being presented an honor for his effectiveness in a match.

Individuals are bringing up the issue concerning how he generally approves of a lady touching his face. While then again, he claims to be all ‘innocent’ in front of the camera by declining to shake hand.

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