Source: MENABytes - Airlift
Source: MENABytes - Airlift

Transport services are one of the main requirements of highly populated countries, like Pakistan. We do have many governmental services available at the moment. But the private sector transportation services are more appealing to the masses with respect to cost and comfort.

Just about a Airlift brought in an investment of about $12 Million to Pakistan, for their startup. This is the probably the most top-notch ride hailing service, that we have seen in Pakistan so far. It’s easy to use, reliable, fast, cheap, and comfortable. What more does one need for their buck? That’s what a layman would think. But the guys at Airlift thought one step ahead. Why not make your ride environmental friendly as well? And so, that’s what they’re going for.

Airlift has signed an MoU with the Government Of Pakistan. Under this MoU, Airlift, with the help of investors, is going to bring electric buses to Pakistan. This not only means your ride will be eco-friendly, but also that the number of buses in Pakistan is about to increase. This in itself, is also a positive change and a much needed requirement. Plus, the government is also going to convert existing vehicles to Electric Vehicles, but that’s state business.

Pakistanis should look forward to this, and praise the people behind the ideas and the implementation.

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