Pakistan has been featuring India's sponsorship of terrorist associations in Afghanistan,FO
Pakistan rejected India’s bitter allegations SOURCE: DAWN.COM

Pakistan on Thursday said India was “utilizing terrorism as a state approach” to damage neighboring nations, and that an ongoing United Nations Monitoring Report had “affirmed Pakistan’s position that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ‘TTP’ is working from Afghanistan and with Indian help”.

The Foreign Office said the United Nations Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team ‘MT’ had freely surveyed that “foreign terrorist fighters from India are making a trip to Afghanistan to join the ISIL-Khorasan ‘ISIL-K’.

In its report, the supervising group “noticed that an Indian national, the head of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent, was killed by worldwide forces a year ago in Afghanistan”

It additionally dismissed what it said were “bitter Indian charges” about the UN report saying there were extremist “safe heaven” in Pakistan. By stating this, Indian Ministry of External Affairs ‘MEA’ Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava had “falsify” the report.

The Foreign Office stated, there was “no source to safe heavens in Pakistan in the Monitoring Team (MT) report”.

Recently, Srivastava was restated by a few Indian distributions as saying that “prohibited terrorist associations and people keep to enjoy safe heavens in Pakistan with state support” and that India’s position on this was “cleared” in the ongoing UN MT report.

Invalidating these claims, the Foreign Office named these allegations a try to “criticize Pakistan and misguide the worldwide network”.

The MEA’s misreporting and misrepresentation of the substance of the MT report and its prepared charges uncover that India’s plan is to make complexities for the Afghan harmony process. Pakistan has cautioned the world about the role of spoilers inside and outside Afghanistan, the FO said.

It included that the prohibited Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan kept on working in Afghanistan with Indian help and pressurized Pakistan and different nations in the region. Pakistan has been featuring India’s sponsorship of terrorist associations in Afghanistan against Pakistan.

Pakistan has preferred the filing of a few Indian terrorism facilitators on the UN Security Council’s terrorism list alongside proof of their collaboration in terrorism.

It concluded, the individuals of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir ‘IOJ&K’ have distressed a lot from India’s state terrorism, particularly after the harsh lockdown and mistreatment forced by the RSS-inspired BJP-drove activist government since 5 August 2019.

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