Karachi Administration Bans Bathing and Swimming at Karachi Beaches
Two months Ban on bathing, swimming in sea imposed source: arynews.tv

KARACHI: City officials have banned the city’s bathing and swimming law under section 144. Commissioner Karachi, by proclamation, imposed a ban within the borders of Karachi for two months, from July 16 to September 15.

The Commissioner’s office has instructed the deputy commissioners to ensure that the ban is complied with. Citizens were advised to avoid visiting the beach and follow the authorities’ instructions. It will be mentioned here that a large number of people used to visit the city’s beaches during the holidays for opportunities to sink due to public bathing and swimming in the sea.

Earlier, police in the Southern Province announced a plan to prevent people from going to Seaview beach during the Eid holidays. According to the plan, two polls will be set up, one on Ittihad Road near Ayesha Masjid and the second near Bilawal House, with motorcycle groups guarding the area to enforce the ban. Fifty police officers will be deployed at various locations in addition to 150 staff members who will carry out their duties on Seaview Road. SSP South Zubair Nazir has confirmed that residents living near Seaview will be allowed to enter.

The spread of the coronavirus in Karachi:

The Delta variant is reaching alarming levels in Karachi on the eve of the Eid ul Adha holiday as public and private hospitals are gaining momentum and are starting to reject patients. COVID-19 in the city is getting worse, and people who are neglecting the safety measures this holiday could make things worse. Over the past 24 hours, the coronavirus positivity rate in the capital Sindh has risen to 25.7%, almost five times the national average of 5.25%. People obey the security measures issued by the government and support our government to follow SOPs embrace social exclusion, and wear masks.

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