Bilawal Bhutto, Imran Khan failed to bring changes in Pakistan

Naya Pakistan changed into expensive Pakistan:

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari was talking in Hyderabad where heads of the 10-party opposition union, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), had assembled for its most recent rally against the government, where he talked over inflation and rights of province, saying Prime Minister Imran Khan failed to bring change in Pakistan and it ended up being more expensive Pakistan.

Bilawal told the crowd that Sindh had been given Rs160 billion not as much as it’s due share a year ago and was being given Rs200bn less this year. He added if full Rs 200bn were given, how much business we might have given to the young people of Hyderabad, the number of medical centers could be set up.

Government increased the prices of food items

PM Imran Khan failed to bring any changes in Pakistan, this is because of government had carried a wave of inflation with it and food things like wheat and sugar were extremely costly that individuals were unable to buy.

Farmers protesting for their rights

Most important farmers in the nation were protesting and fighting for their rights as they were not being paid for produce, for example, tomatoes and onions on the grounds that the government liked to import instead of purchasing from them.

PM ruined the economy

Bilawal said Imran Khan has ruined the economy, taken out the funeral of Pakistan’s democracy and blocked Pakistan’s journalists and legal institutions. In addition, he has taken such countless loans over the most recent three years that regardless of whether you combine the loans of every single past government, the figure would be not as much as now.

Unemployment and poverty

Bilwal said PM’s Naya Pakistan neglected to give work and tackle your issues but ended up being expensive Pakistan, he can only rob your rights however you, individuals of this nation won’t support him. We will support our rights and our majority rules system and make this PM flee. He added that last year there was such a lot of joblessness and poverty everywhere on the country that majority of Pakistan’s families have no food to eat and here it shows that he failed to bring changes in Pakistan.

In conclusion, Bilawal said individuals from the nation over will leave for the PDM march planned for next month.

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