Dil Ruba, Sanam is ready to leave her luxurious house and property.
Sanam is ready to leave Khurram SOURCE: OYEYEAH.COM

Sanam is surprised by Farhad’s proposal, she obviously realizes that she can’t wed him, in the event that she weds him she will lose the house. She shares her issue to Farhaad too who discloses to her that he can gift her more houses this way, this house is nothing, in addition, he is demanding her to wed him as she is obviously not happy with Khurram. Sanam’s friend additionally encourages her to wed Farhaad.

Khurram and his wife see Sanam and Farhaad together, He blames her for being a characterless lady on which she says that she is much the same as him.

Sanam’s mom is as selfish as Sanam, purposely she is destroying her own son’s newly marriage. She is being a selfish mother in law just to protect Sanam. She isn’t understanding that for how long will she able to protect Sanam and furthermore when Sanam has end every one of her relations with them.

Sanam has at long last made her mind that she is going to leave Khurram and will wed Farhaad. She shares her decision to Khurram and he is shocked that why she is going to surrender the house. He is very glad to realize that she is prepared to surrender the house and now he can easily carry his wife to his own home.

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