Digital Innovation - JS Bank Launches First Digital Cheque Service
JS Mobile Application is issuing Cheques Digitally. source:

The JS bank introduces Digital Cheque Service in Pakistan – Digital Innovation:

Dominating the path in digital innovation, JS Bank starts the digital cheque service for the first time all over Pakistan. This digital innovation provides the users of JS Bank Mobile App with the chance of sending the e-cheques speedily. Along with this digital cheque service, there will be no need to go to the bank. Additionally, in the Covid-19 outbreak, there is no need for physical contact for the supply of physical cheques respectively.

JS bank introduces Digital Cheque Service

How to Use This Digital Cheque Service:

By using the JS bank Mobile app, users can easily issue their digital cheques through this service. They have to follow some simple steps i.e. by inserting the name, phone number, CNIC number of the receiver along with the amount. Later on, the Receiver gets a 12-digit PIN code on their cell number. The recipient just has to take this Code to the nearby JS Bank branch. Here, they can easily get their cash quickly, without any trouble or delay.

In this regard, the Chief digital officer of JS Bank, Noman Azhar says that their key goal is to provide our valued users with ease and convenience by means of unique and modernized offerings respectively.

Furthermore, “at this stage, JS Bank is the leading way of digital banking and we are sure that the remaining financial administrations also bring out the same services for the clearance of cheques”, Noman Azhar added.

Closing thoughts:

This Digital innovation is a very convenient as well as beneficial offer for the Customer of JS bank. As it removes the need of going to send or receive the physical cheques. Also, due to the coronavirus, social distancing is very crucial. Along with this digital cheque service, there is no need for Physical interaction. You can do everything related to cheques while sitting in your home.

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