Saudi Arabia Enables Pakistani Pilgrims To Perform Hajj 2021
About 60,000 pilgrims throughout the globe would be allowed to perform Hajj source:

Tahir Mehmood: Saudi Arabia Enables Pakistani Pilgrims for Hajj Performance:

“This year, Saudi Arabia enables the Pakistani settlers to perform Hajj”. Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Special Assistance to the Prime Minister on religious harmony, announced on Saturday. Tahir conveyed this news through his social media Twitter account. In this regard, he says that this year, at least 60,000 settlers from all over the world will be able to visit the Holy Place of Kaaba Sharif and Perform Hajj respectively.

In this case, Tahir Ashrafi also says that only those people who get the vaccine against COVID-19 will be able to reach the Holy Land. Furthermore, it is compulsory for all the pilgrims to vaccinate themselves before applying for Hajj. Moreover, every settler who intends to visit the Holy land must isolate himself for at least three days right after reaching Saudi Arabia as well as before beginning his long journey.

Settlers below 18 & above 60 years are not allowed to perform Hajj:

Saudi Arabia enables settlers all over the world to perform Hajj this year. On the other side, the Arab country restricts pilgrims below 18 years as well as the people above 60 years to perform hajj due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As the third wave of coronavirus is very powerful and affects a huge number of people from all over the world. Moreover, a huge range of people lost their lives due to this virus. For security reasons, the Saudi government does not allow people to visit the Holy Land.


The government of Pakistan is also taking the necessary steps to control coronavirus. People from all over the world are strictly ordered vaccinate themselves against coronavirus. All in all, this is the only way to bring life back to normal. Due to this reason, the Saudi government takes necessary steps in the case of Hajj Performance this year.

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