FO has welcomed the announcement made by US & Taliban.
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Foreign Office (FO) has respected the declaration made by United States (US) and Taliban to concur on marking a harmony deal for Afghanistan on February 29.

The FO representative in its announcement said that Pakistan has reliably upheld direct dealings between the US and Taliban.

From the start, Pakistan has encouraged this procedure and added to its encouraging so far. We look forward to the signing of the arrangement on 29 February 2020.

“We accept the signing of the U.S – Taliban understanding will make ready for the following stage of intra-Afghan dealings. We trust the Afghan gatherings would now take advantage of this historic chance and work out a complete and detailed political settlement for long lasting harmony and strength in Afghanistan and the region.”

The foreign office’s representative by and by repeated: “Pakistan confirms its help for a calm, steady, joined together, elected and prospering Afghanistan, at serenity with itself and with its neighbors.”

We are additionally expecting the global network having its impact in protecting the attempts for the foundation of maintainable harmony in Afghanistan and assisting with making conditions inside Afghanistan to empower the arrival of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to their country with respect and respect.

Prior in the day, Afghan Taliban and United States (US) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have confirmed to hold effective dialogues reminding a harmony deal for completion the decades-long war in Afghanistan

The harmony deal is relied upon to be marked on February 29. Nonetheless, the two sides have put conditions for making a reasonable security circumstance before marking an agreement to pull US troops out of Afghanistan. The two sides have likewise examined the execution of another condition for discharging prisoners while, the political groups will come up with a system for starting intra-Afghanistan talks.

Various nations and delegate associations will be welcomed in the understanding signing function. Afghan Taliban representative said that the withdrawal procedure of foreign troops will start after the harmony deal.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated, upon a fruitful usage of this understanding, signing of the US-Taliban understanding is required to push ahead. He declared that that discussions between the Taliban and the Afghan government would start soon afterwards.

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