The drama is composed by Samina Ejaz and is coordinated by Saima Waseem.

The cast of the drama includes Saveria Nadeem, Shamoon Alvi, Kashif Mehmood, Shehzad Shaikh, Sumbul Iqbal, Saboor Aly, Ali Abbas, Raza Talish .

Chanda as Sumbul Iqbal is in sort of relationship with Shahab as Shehzad Sheikh who is by all accounts a loafer sort of boy and his family is likewise not indicated decent. Chanda doesn’t help in family unit tasks rather she generally throw frustrations at her siblings especially her sister Sitara who used to do all her work. She knows well that she has her dad’s support that is the reason she is extremely brave and cheerful. The only thing she does is to take care of her beauty. Both Chanda and Sitara are different from each other.

There is another character Danish as Raza Talish and his dad as Kashif Mehmood who happens to be Sitara’s cousin and chachu. Danish really likes Sitara yet his dad is someone who always get cash from his brother as Shamoon Alvi just to misuse it on betting.

Shahab told his parents to go to Chanda’s home and ask her hand from his family. Shahab’s parents are actually quite tricky they suddenly visit Chanda’s place and there they have pressurized Chanda’s mom to deny this proposal herself and to take the entire fault of rejecting them on herself.

Chanda has likewise begun blaming her mom for rejecting proposal. Shahab’s parents have truly gone to the extent of misleading their child that Chanda’s mom has declined their proposal.

Chanda’s chachu who happens to be a very jealou person takes the benefit of this circumstance thus with no shame offer them to perform Nikkah so she straightforwardly married with Shahab without even her parents’ permission and blessings.

Everybody is blaming Chanda’s mom as she hides everything from Chanda’s dad and other individuals of family. If she discussed everything to him things would have never turned that most exceedingly terrible.

Chanda really gets the reality check when Shahab’s parents were not prepared to accept her. Shahab’s dad is actually a mean person rather than direct declining Chanda as his daughter in law, he begins putting the entire fault on Chanda’s family by saying that it was them who impolitely rejected the proposal, he is prepared to make her his daughter in law.

When Shahab takes Chanda to his home and Chachu is stressing that now how he is going to rob Shahab for the sake of Chanda’s costs.

Chachu is commanding cash from Bhabi jee for the sake of Chanda’s medication and Chanda’s dad listens that he gets very angry and gets mad with his brother that he slaps him hard in return he slaps him back. He can’t take this and he gets a heart attack and lost his life.

Shahab isn’t letting Chanda go to his dad’s funeral, she is shouting and arguing Shahab to let her see her dad’s face once and for all yet Shahab has strictly would not take her to the funeral.

Chachu is selfish to the point that he isn’t feeling any shame on being the genuine reason of his brother’s death actually he is attempting his best to control the circumstance at his own end, he is controlling Baber’s as Ali Abbas brain against his own mom by revealing to him a fake story that Bhabi jee and Bhai Sahab had an extremely loud fight about Chanda before the death.

One big mistake of Chanda ruined everyone’s life, even her own life.

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