Healthy Foods that people think are nutritious but are actually not.

We eat different destructive foods on everyday basis without understanding the unfriendly impacts it has on our wellbeing. These foods do an important part in weight gain and the development of genuine diseases.

1-Fruit Juice

There is a misguided judgment of fruit juices being healthy however those are simply chemicals that are made to have a taste like fruit. The vital nutrition like fiber is taken out so what we drink as fruit juice is essentially fruit flavored sugar water.

2-Whole Wheat

Most wheat items aren’t generally produced using entire wheat. The grains are squashed into fine flour. When expended it causes the glucose levels to rise.

3-Salad Dressings

Numerous plate of salads dressings are loaded up with ingredients like sugar, vegetable oils, and unsaturated fats alongside fake chemicals.

4-Soft Drinks

These drinks contain electrolytes and sugar which are helpful for athletes but a great many people don’t need extra salts or liquid sugar in their eating diet. Switching these drinks with water is better.

5-Breakfast Cereals

The ‘entire grain’ and ‘low fat’ declares that these cereals have on their boxes are misguiding as they contain refined grains, sugar, and fake chemicals.

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