Abdullah Abdullah sees potential for good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) of Afghanistan Abdullah on Saturday said that he sees potential for good relations among Pakistan and Afghanistan, saying that however small steps have been made, they will have a major effect.

He said, things start from little steps. Complaints exist on the two sides but there has been progress in the communications and status of relations between the two nations and even those little steps will have a major effect.

Featuring Pakistan’s role in the intra-Afghan dialogue, he stated: “We are obligated to Pakistan’s role in the Doha agreement and later on in the dealings.

Abdullah offered his thanks to the Pakistani administration during his three-day official visit.

The Afghan authority said that he is leaving Pakistan with a positive picture of the nation and that he has no doubt that peace in Afghanistan will lead harmony in Pakistan, and eventually the region.

“As neighbors we have no other option except for to work together.”

He valued the recently confirmed visa strategy for Afghanistan which he named a good improvement on that front.

Abdullah said, “This will be useful in individuals to individual’s relations.”

Talking on his role as the top of the body tasked with building agreement in Afghanistan, he said that he is in any event, ready to talk with the Taliban himself in the interest of agreement building and for a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

Abdullah said that when both the heads chose to cooperate, it depended on a common understanding. He also said, oneness is the need of the ideal opportunity for the Afghan public.

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