The deliberate and violent targeting of Muslims in India by Modi government.
Modi government targeting Muslims: SOURCE: ARY NEWS

PM Imran Khan in a tweet on Sunday named the conscious and violent focusing of Muslims in India by the Modi government an effort to redirect “BLACKLASH” over its CoviPd-19 strategy.

The deliberate and violent focusing of Muslims in India by Modi Govt to redirect blacklash over its COVID19 approach, which has left thousands together and hungry, is likened to what Nazis did to Jews in Gerrmany, he said.

Prime minister Imran Khan said focusing on the Indian Muslims is yet “increasingly confirmation of the racist Hindutva Supremacist belief system of Modi Govt.”

Prior on March 7, the prime minister had cautioned the global network of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Hindu supremacist belief system focusing on all the minorities in the nation.

He said that right now the practical objective is Kashmiri Muslims and Muslims in India however narrow mindedness is spreading in the nation, adding that it will spread to other minority networks too.

The prime minister included, “On the off chance that this supremacist belief system isn’t checked it will focus on all networks in India including Dalits and in the long run any individual who sets out to disagree with this diehard philosophy will be the objective of brutality.”

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