Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah Featuring a New Drama Habs
Habs Drama Cast, Story, and Release Date. source: dramaspice.net

The trailers of the much-anticipated drama series of Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah finally came out, and their BTS have been circulating on social media for a long time. The serial is titled ‘Habs’ and was written by Aliya Makhdoom in collaboration with Six Sigma Entertainment. At the same time, the director is Musaddiq Malek, both of whom sound like relatively new names in the drama industry.

The cast of the Drama :

The characters of the Habs series include some of the biggest names in the industry. Although you will find actors and actresses who have made a name for themselves for decades, some of them quickly created a place in the hearts of their international and Pakistani fans.

  • Feroze Khan
  • Ushna Shah
  • Ayesha Omar
  • Dania Enwer
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Saba Faisal
  • Saba Hamid

The Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 star took to Instagram to share the first teaser of his new upcoming drama serial Habs.

Story Of Habs Drama:

Habs’ drama series is full of emotion, love, and excitement. In this drama. Feroz Khan and Ushna Shah are the main characters. However, Ayesha Umar plays a negative role and does an excellent job. The actor will appear in the next series Habs after appearing in the now-broadcast drama Aye Musht e Khaak. Moreover, the trailers have revealed that it is a matter of couples being forced to marry under undisclosed circumstances. Ushna imitates the daughter of a lowly family when her mother (played by Saba Faisal) believes that money is everything and love is deceptive. Although she is an educated and hardworking woman, she is helpless and at the mercy of her future.

More Details:

On the other hand, her life partner, Feroze Khan, belongs to a middle-class family. Although he has all the splendor of life, he misses the connection or love in his life. The two are getting married, but their relationship seems just a contract to please their families. Feroze’s character seems to have a past where he can forget it, perhaps inappropriate love or betrayal. Furhtermore, Ayesha Omar appears to be playing another woman here. She looks dignified and attractive and deserves to be a great man’s partner. In one scene, Feroze’s character presents his wife with a divorce decree, and in another case, he shows Ayesha’s character, making it an interesting twist. It remains whether Ayesha will play the girl in her old flames or fall in love with her after the wedding.

Writer & Director:

The serial is written by Aliya Makhdoom and is directed by Musaddiq Malek.

Release Date:

The drama serial is a creation of Six Sigma Plus delivered for ARY Digital. It will be released very soon, by June 2022

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