Zahid Ahmed answer the most asked question about his drama serial ‘Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida’.

Muhabbat Tujhy Alvida is one of the most not so famous drama of recent time. From the start individuals blamed the drama to be a duplicate of block buster Indian film ‘Judaii’ and now Sonya Hussain’s OTT acting in this specific show is making it more intolerable. Zahid Ahmed who is playing lead role in drama serial Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida in his most recent interview opened up and discussed about it.

Answering the most asked question that whether a man can love two women all at once he said, at the point when a man has a lot of affection and one woman isn’t returning it appropriately so man begins looking here and there.

He also said, I do feel somewhat little down in view of that entire duplicate thing, I don’t want to go on and on about it, yet when the project was offered to me the author and maker said to me that we have taken the motivation for only one plot line that she will sell her husband for cash and we have adjusted it to 25 to 30 episode and that sounded good to me since I was thinking that what amount might anyone be able to extend a 2 hours long film so clearly they will have their own content. Taking motivation from something and adjusting it is fine, however you have taken it such that when the very first teaser was out entire nation began shouting Judai so then u have copied it that I didn’t sign on for. I could never need to participate in a copied play.

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