YouTube star Irfan Junejo has quit vlogging.

The famous YouTuber, Irfan Junejo is a well-known Vlogger. His content creation and vlogging normally revolved around travel guides, encouraging Pakistani culture and his affection for photography. His skill for unique content creation likewise gave him the title of ‘YouTube Star’. Through his videos and style for commentary, Junejo has inspired youngsters around the globe. In his long rundown of credits, Junejo additionally hosted a show ‘The Jo Bhi Show’ where he talked about everyday life problems.

The YouTube star has stopped vlogging. One reason being his compromising mental health. His last video blog named ‘I quit’ included a genuine tribute to his fans and his reasons to leave YouTube. Junejo openly talk his confidence issues, uneasiness and his stressed will to proceed.

Irfan Junejo said, I never figured all my wildest desires would work out through video blogs, from meeting Ronaldinho to purchasing my dream bike. I fulfilled every single material wish. In the time of internet, it’s easy to get famous but difficult to get well known.

He proceeded to state, I have confidence issues, and I have nervousness issues. I don’t have any trust in me to make whatever I need to make and I’m too frightened to even consider saying what I truly mean.

He made a sure to end his note with, what I’m stating may sound arrogant yet I simply need to work from the heart.

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