Water Crisis, Extensive Trouble of Pakistan - Causes, Effects & Solution
Above 30 million Pakistanis have no availability of clean water

Islamabad – Water Crisis, Burning issue of Pakistan Water is one of the most valued assets in the world. It would be correct to say that water is life. But sadly, Pakistan is running dry of water. Several components contributed to the water crisis.

We won’t realize the worth of water until the root is dry!

These components include a drastic increase in population, the mismanagement of the water system: agriculture, and the climatic alterations. If the water crisis and scarcity remain the same, it will have highly worse effects.

Drastic outcomes of Water Crisis in Pakistan:

Pakistan is listed among the water-scarce countries throughout the world. This is because less than 1,000 cubic meters of water is available for a single person to survive. The government has been facing this situation since 2005. If this figure decreases to 500 cubic meters per person, then Pakistan will become highly scarce of water in no time. People of Pakistan already feel scarcity.

The populations of about twenty-four urban cities do not have the availability of clean water. About sixteen million of the population is living in the slum areas of Karachi with no facility for running water.

Earth resources are for everyone equally – not only for those with money and riffles!

Talking about water unavailability in Karachi, some organizations drain water from the government and sell it to people at extreme prices. The trucks come once a week in the water-scarce areas of Karachi, and people purchase water from them for their families. These groups of people are called the “water mafia.” However, the government tried to stop this mafia but in vain. These groups are still selling water.

Leading Causes of Water Crisis in Pakistan

With more than 220 million people, Pakistan has become the sixth-biggest country in the world. The rapid increase in the population of Pakistan is one of the main reasons for water scarcity. Moreover, Pakistan is an agricultural country, and most of the farming crops highly depend on water. The crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, etc., occupy about 95% of the water. Furthermore, poor management causes an extreme wastage of water in the agriculture field. This needs to stop to prevent water.

Solutions to tackle Water scarcity:

Seeing this burning crisis all over Pakistan, the government announces a national and international help fund and starts a fourteen-million-dollar project in 2018. The project is to build two dams. The creation of barriers is to store more water from rains, snowfalls, or melting of the glaciers to prevent a water crisis. Another goal was to create adequate electricity. Many celebrities donated to the dam fund, but there are still many amounts required to complete this project. As a citizen of Pakistan, we should take precautionary measures to save water by expanding the storage and reducing the wastage of water.

Save water…save a life!

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