US, relation with India or Pakistan does not affect ties with others.
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The US State Department underlined that Washington’s productive connections with either India or Pakistan ought not to bring down the relationship we have with the other. It doesn’t come to the expense of the relationship we have with the other.

US State Department Spokesperson Edward Price said, Look, I figure the point we would need to make is that the United States has significant associations with India and Pakistan. These connections remain on their own in our aspect.

The US has a Global strategic partnership with India

The representative who talked about India said that the nation has a worldwide comprehensive strategic association with New Delhi.

The US has shared interests with Pakistan

On Pakistan, Price said that the nation has significant shared interests in the district with Islamabad. He added that the country would keep on working closely with the Pakistani authorities on those interests.

Both nations are not a zero-sum proposition

He explained that the connection between the two nations is not a zero-sum theory regarding US international strategy.

US State representative talked about Jammu & Kashmir

He also talked about Jammu and Kashmir said, as a government, absolutely as the State Department, we keep on follow improvements in the country firmly. Our strategy with regards to it has not changed.

India taking steps to restore financial & political balance

He also welcomed India’s steps to reestablishing the entire financial and political balance in Indian occupied Kashmir. The US has kept on supporting direct dialogue among India and Pakistan on Kashmir and different affairs issues.

Both nations get back to the 2003 ceasefire

He likewise expressed that the US has kept on requiring a decrease of stresses along the Line of Control and urged that India and Pakistan get back to the 2003 ceasefire.

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