New US President Biden Signs Executive Order to Lift Travel Ban on Muslim Countries
Travel Ban on Muslim countries lifted by New US President Biden source :

The signing of the Executive Orders:

On Wednesday 20th January 2021, the New President of the United States of America, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. signed several executive orders from the Oval Office and One of the executive orders includes the US President Biden lift the Travel Ban on many Muslim countries.

US President Biden also rejoined the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Countries from which travel ban lifted:

Revoking the controversial immigration policies of former US President Donald Trump but the new US President Biden lift the Travel Ban he has signed the executive orders lifting the travel ban of citizens from many countries like Yemen, Eritrea, Nigeria, and Sudan are included in the list.

US President Biden has taken a very momentous step by lifting the travel ban so It will definitely in the future end the era of Islamophobia or we hope so it does. 

Rejoining WHO and sending a delegation:

Former US President Donald Trump withdrew the USA’s membership from WHO during the COVID pandemic in April 2020 But now President Biden has reversed this decision and decided to rejoin America’s membership to WHO.

For the 148th session of the WHO Executive Board, President Biden decided to send a delegation led by Anthony Fauci, a top US infectious disease specialist.

  Reviewing the Trump-era policies:

President Biden has ordered the federal agencies to immediately review all the Trump-era policies and take necessary actions to address them. Policies that are dangerous to the environment and public health should be removed with immediate effect.

President Biden also signed orders for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and for stopping the construction of the wall along the US-Mexico border and he has decided to establish new methane emissions limits, vehicle mileage standards and emissions limits.

“100 Days Masking Challenge”:

To encourage citizens to wear masks and keep distances, US President Biden has launched a “100 Days Masking Challenge.”

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