These 5 Underrated automobiles In Pakistan Have Impressive Specs
The country is growing speedy and developing at a fast rate. source:

Pakistan is becoming a very diverse industry when it comes to automobiles. A while back, we probably didn’t think the country had so many products. Now, there are many cars even made at the local level. The world is growing fast and developing at a rapid pace. However, some vehicles are often overlooked and underestimated. While they have good clarity, they make a few stories! Today, we look at some of these automobiles .

1. Faw V2

If we look at modern hatchback cars, this can be considered a downfall. It doesn’t sound like its other product counterparts. The vehicle has a front-wheel-drive system, complete with a 13000cc engine. With a hatchback, this is an impressive feature. Plus, the car has seen many good days. The price of its latest model ranges from Rs.15.7 lac to Rs.16.1 lac. However, older models are sold for between Rs.10 lac and Rs.13 lac in the case used.


2. Hyundai Santro

While the car itself saw great success in the early and mid-2000s, it went underground after that. One could say that its height was present in those years, but that does not mean that the cars produced were bad. Its facelift was in line with the new Toyota Vitz, so it was covered at the time. Today, you can choose one in a used condition for more than Rs. 4 lac. Its 1000cc engine is still capable of delivering power. It has enough space to fit the whole family.


3. Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno is one of the cars that is now being overlooked. One of the reasons is because so many new sedans are on the market right now. However, the Suzuki Baleno certainly can offer competition. One can buy them in used form, from Rs.5 lac to Rs.6 lac. Having a 13000cc engine sedan sounds like a dream come true. In addition, it has a good fuel economy when it comes to driving on the highway. It certainly deserves more information.

4. Faw X-PV:

This is a multi-purpose automobiles that has climbed to the very top. However, due to some MPVs, it has slowed down slightly compared to other vehicles. It certainly has enough storage space and enough seats for the whole family. With front-wheel drive and a 1000cc engine, the car can deliver a good amount of fuel. Moreover, it is cheaper than its counterparts, between Rs. 12.7 lac no Rs. 13.5 lac.

5. Suzuki Margalla:

The car chassis was first imported from Japan. However, they later decided to produce it locally between 1992 and 1998. Packed with a 1300cc engine, this is one of the most neglected cars of all time. It can now be purchased for between Rs.3 lac and Rs.5 lac.

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