The Opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics begins under Covid cloud
Empty stadiums, low tone this year source:

The opening ceremony of the Olympics kicked off on Friday at a virtual stadium after a year-long pandemic

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics started on Friday; a video showing the training of runners at home during the outbreak of the coronavirus began the game, with pink explosions in the air after the count. The ceremony, held in a stadium for 68,000 people, was held in front of just a few hundred officials and dignitaries, including Emperor Naruhito of Japan, French President Emmanuel Macron, and US First Lady Jill Biden.


The Olympics faced opposition in Japan because a global gathering of 11,000 athletes could cause a significant event, which Organizers have put solid viral measures in place, blocking overseas fans for the first time and keeping local viewers out of all areas except for a few locations. The Governor will officially announce that the Games are open. Athletes, support staff, and the media are subject to strict Covid-19 agreements, including routine check-ups and daily health check-ups.

The Polls always find that most Japanese oppose the Games, with a view ranging from exhaustion to total hatred, Still, there was a lot of enthusiasm outside the Olympic Stadium in the hours before the event, as hundreds of people gathered in hopes of air conditioning and watching the fireworks awaited during the extravaganza.


Traditionally the highlight of any Summer Games, which featuring an international exhibition and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron, the opening ceremony of Tokyo has been primarily set back , In addition Less than 1,000 dignitaries and officials were present at the stadium, showing how the Games have always been distinguished. A few top sponsors, including Toyota and Panasonic, are absent.

A few hundred protesters protested against the Games outside the stadium at the start of the event.

Dogged by controversy 

Olympic officials have braved the unusual situation, with IOC manager Thomas Bach insisting that the cancellation was not on the table. “In the previous 15 months, we have had to make a lot of decisions for uncertain reasons,” he said this week. “We had doubts every day. We didn’t sleep at night. “Finally, we see the end of the black tunnel. The deletion was never an option. The IOC has never abandoned athletes and we have done it for athletes.”

There is also a significant financial motivation to play, Insiders estimate that the IOC would be in the news for about $ 1.5 billion in broadcast revenue if the Games were canceled and The pandemic was not the end of the turmoil in the preparations, however, with scandals ranging from bidding process corruption to allegations of cheating on the design of the Tokyo 2020 brand.

This year there are several of the athletes who will be participating in the games:

  • Arshad Nadeem – He will represent Pakistan at a spear-throwing event.
  • Mahnoor Shahzad – After winning the Women’s Singles Badminton Championship in 2017, she will now represent Pakistan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • Shah Hussain Shah – Double South African gold medalist and silver medalist Hussain will represent Pakistan at a judo event.
  • Gulfam Joseph – The 21-year-old shooter will participate in the 10m Air Pistol event at the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Bisma Khan – She will take part in the 50m freestyle swimming competition.

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