Sri Lanka to ban the burqa and shut down Islamic schools.
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Sri Lanka will boycott the burqa’s wearing and shut down 1,000 Islamic schools, a government minister said on Saturday, the most recent activities influencing the country’s minority Muslim population.

Banning burqa on national safety grounds

Minister for Public Security Sarath Weerasekera said that Muslim ladies and young girls never wore the burqa in our initial days. It is an indication of religious activism that came about currently. We are surely going to boycott it.

Also, he had signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban the burqa on public safety grounds.

The wearing of the burqa in the more significant Buddhist country was incidentally restricted in 2019 after the bombarding of churches and hotels by Islamist militants that murdered more than 250.

Banning Islamic school

He likewise said the government intends to boycott more than 1,000 Islamic schools that he said were going against national education strategy. He added it’s not allowed for anyone to open a school and instruct anything you want to the children.

Buried Covid Muslims victims without the permission

The government’s action onward burqas and schools follow an order a year ago commanding the burn up of coronavirus victims against Muslims’ permission, who bury their dead. This boycott was lifted recently after criticism from the United States and worldwide rights groups.

Easter Sunday Attack

Weerasekera said inquiries had uncovered that there had eight chances missed by the intelligence and security authorities in the past system to stop the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Minister said that 676 individuals had been captured regarding that attack, and 66 were kept for inquiry. He said that 408 individuals were temporarily free from jail according to the law of the country.

After this government was chosen, 99 individuals were captured in Sri Lanka for their direct and indirect participation in the attacks, while another 35 Sri Lankans who were abroad were captured.

He further said, in 2020, intelligence uncovered a female gang prepared by Zahran Hashim, and 17 of them had made a promise to make suicide attacks. Adding that five of them were already dead, three had charged and jailed while seven others were being held for questioning.

Moreover, It remains to be seen that how Pakistan, whose PM Imran Khan visited Colombo currently, would respond.

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