Special Climate Courses Will be Launch in Schools by Government
Govt will be launch Special Climate Courses in Schools source saama.tv

PM Imran Khan wants to introduce special climate courses in all schools to teach the significance of forests and trees and the dangers of climate change. PM Imran Khan  

During the Inauguration Ceremony of the spring plantation ride in Islamabad, the PM advised that global warming and greenhouse gas emissions pose considerable threats. Sadly, Pakistan is among the top 10 countries at huge risk from climate change.

He spoke, the forest and trees are the most essential of the hour, and it is time to take action; they need our future generations.

Special Climate Courses:

He indicates that the dangerous effects of deforestation are evident in Lahore. The Prime Minister Said, “As a child, I grew up in Lahore. It was called the garden city at that time.” But today, about 70 percent of trees in the provincial capital have been cut”.

He revealed the harmful effects of pollution in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, especially for children and the elderly.

He revealed the dangerous effects of pollution in such a city as Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar, exclusively children and the aged.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, the government has selected 50 spots in Lahore and 20 in Islamabad to plant trees.

 “We have adopted Japan’s Miyawaki technique through which forests grow faster,” the PM said.

That’s mean the forests that took 30 years will now grow in 10 years

The prime minister boosted youngsters to take part in a government 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project.

“The only thing a government can do is provide funds, but the implementation lies in your hands.” The Prime minister said emphasis youngsters to join the ambition.

In the coming days, the target of trees to plant will give to schools across the country, and they will be responsible for taking care of that braid.

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