Sitam Drama Hum TV: Story, Cast, Start Date, Schedule & Timings
Upcoming drama Sitam is expected to be aired at the end of May 2021. source: dramareviewpk.

Sitam drama is the new 2021 Hum TV presentation. Mahesh Waswani and Syed Mukhtar produce this serial, and Usama Khan, Nawal Sayed, and Moomal Khalid are leading the play. As always, Hum TV comes up with exciting and engaging stories to entertain its viewers. The story of Sitam drama seems exotic. Let us get more into it to find out the cast, timings, and schedule of this drama serial.

Sitam Drama Cast – Producers & Directors:

Sitam Drama features Nawal Sayed (Fariha) and Usama Khan (Shayan) as the story’s main characters. Others are Momal Khalid (Ashi), Saad Qureshi (Salman), Kiran Tabir (Abeer), Afraz Rasool, Waseem Tirmazi (Humayoun), Maire Butt (Zoya), Talia, Laila Wasti, Farah Nadeem, and Azra Mohyeddin.

Taking about the producers and directors, Kamran Khan is the director. Moreover, Syed Mukhtar and Mahesh Waswani produce this drama.

Sitam Drama Story:

This is a story based on the Watta-Satta marriage. The story is about Shayan and Fareha who get married because of family pressure.  Shayan has to leave Ashi due to his sister (fareha’s sister-in-law). Furthermore, Shayan’s behavior towards Fareha is not good at all. In these circumstances, Fareha shows courage and patience. Stay tuned with us to get to know what happens next in this drama.

 Schedule & Timings of Sitam Drama:

No timings and schedule of this new Hum TV presentation have been announced yet. However, it is expected to be aired at the end of May 2021. We will update you about the proper timings and schedule soon, so stay tuned with us.

Wrapping Up:

As a matter of fact, all the actors and actresses perform beautifully and justify their characters. Nawal Syed joined the Pakistani Drama Industry in 2017 and gained popularity after her super hit drama “Yaqeen ka Safar,” she is a model too. Usama Khan is also a versatile actor and performs phenomenally in his every drama. This drama seems to become a significant hit. The teasers are already out, so don’t forget to watch it on Hum TV.

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