Sharmeen Obaid introduced Pakistan’s first digital platform for minorities.
First-ever dedicated platform in the nation: Source:

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was a journalist then turned into a producer and recently launched WHITE IN THE FLAG, Pakistan’s first-ever website committed to the religious minority groups in the country. Also, she is a two-time Academy Award winner.

Platform highlight issues

A SOC Films activity, the stage will feature significant issues that influence minorities living in Pakistan and try to make a talk about the experience of being a minority in the country. Moreover, to encourage the activity, SOC Films can associate with independent bodies, associations, or foundations that work with minorities.

Sharmeen Obaid said about 3.8% of Pakistan’s whole population comprises religious minorities, yet, they keep on battling. Between conversions, kidnapping, transformations, terrorism at their places of worship, and target killings, Pakistan’s minorities face a rising struggle to exist.

White in the flag

With ‘White in The Flag,’ Sharmeen Obaid plans to give a stage in the form of a related website. It can be utilized as an essential tool for students, activists, and administrators on the issues against minority groups by displaying different resources related to the religious minority to promote the policy initiative.

Aims & objective

Sharmeen Obaid said on the launch of this stage. We need to guarantee that residents encountering religious inequity in our society can have their voices heard on critical problems. It also ensures and advances their rights and has their perspectives and wishes considered when choices are being made about their communities and lives.

She believes that with the fast changes occurring around the state of human rights in Pakistan, it is vital to have an engaged communication with every essential fact. This resource will record the set of experiences, present, and future of the minority in the country. The platform is a source of detailed information for those intended to understand and spread awareness about the issues they face.

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