Shahzad Sheikh And Alizeh Shah will Star In An Upcoming Eid Telefilm
Upcoming Eid Telefilm: Chand Raat Aur Chandni. source:

Alizeh Shah and Shahzad Sheikh are pairing the upcoming Eid Telefilm, reportedly titled Chand Raat Aur Chandni, and fans are excited about the new screen pairing. In an interview with Dawn’s Images,Shahzad Sheikh revealed details about the upcoming project. The Phaans actor has revealed that he is a young man who overreacted to stop his girlfriend’s marriage and kidnapped her to stay with him. My character’s name is Shaami, and he’s a local boy who is in love with a girl – his love is one-sided, and he never told her.

Work with Alizeh Shah:

Shahzad Sheikh also opened up about his experience of working with Alizeh Shah on an upcoming project. “I have a very good experience working with her, and she is beautiful, happy, smooth, and I am also a good friend with her mother. “she always arrives on time and is very good at shooting. It’s great to work with her, and I’m glad I’m working with her again.

More Details: Chand Raat Aur Chandni :

Alizeh Shah and Shehzad Sheikh were teasing about the upcoming Eid Telefilm – Chand Raat Aur Chandni – by posting pictures together behind Kashmir with the hashtag “#muhabbatkiaakhrikahani.” The hashtag has led to confusion as to whether it is the film’s title. There is not much information available about Eid Telefilm, but it is reported that it was written by Zafar Mairaaj and directed by Mohsin Ali. However, the actor has indicated that the actual title may be the words of the title song or the recurring tag line in the film.

Producer &Director:

Big Bang Entertainment produce this film. As a regular co-founder of the production house, Shehzad Sheikh recalls that he was also the star of the company’s first drama series. “I shot the first drama of Big Bang Entertainment, starring Fahad Mustafa and Sonya Hussyn. That was a good experience, after which I did two more series. After a few years, I am now working with BBE, and I hope everything goes well. However, the film is directed by Fajr Raza and written by Umair Qazi, and the film is set to appear on your screens on Eid ul Fitr on ARY Digital. In addition to your rom-com rating, Chand Raat Aur Chandni has a list of entertaining characters and a story that makes everyone happy.

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