Scholarship Complaint Portal: PM Imran khan launches for students
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On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the Scholarship Complaint Portal for students. The Prime Minister changes things for the students. After all, young, intelligent minds who receive education are the future of the world. They should have a place to raise their voice. A new portal has been launched for this purpose. Here’s what you need to know:

The New Launch: Scholarship Complaint Portal

Speaking at the launch of the portal, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the forum’s sole purpose was to facilitate students who want to pursue higher studies on scholarships and address their grievances in this regard. In addition, the portal also ensures transparency and merit in the Scholarship Awards.

What Will This Portal Do?

The Citizen Complaint Portal is already very popular. Let’s see how this portal costs! The portal solves any and every problem of the students on an immediate basis. What happens instantly in our country is still a huge improvement over the old methods. The Prime Minister also spoke about how Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has brought many technological changes for the citizens to hear.

Who Will look out on?

A panel of academics will monitor the portal. It was also stated that market research would be the basis for this program. Therefore, new courses and instructions will add to the provinces on an ongoing basis. The Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood also honors the event. Moreover, he said that the government increased the number of scholarships under the prime minister’s vision. In addition, the government has established 28 new universities. However, this is an amazing development in the field of education.

Benefits :

The government is trying to improve the education sector. Did you know that the government spends more than $ 28 billion on scholarships? This enables Leaving financial difficulties and making everyone fulfill their dreams. Statistics show that 2.6 million students are currently benefiting, most of them women. This allows everyone to pursue their dreams, leaving financial problems behind.PM Imran Khan said, “We have to make the youth aware of the principles of Riyast-e-Madina,” and stressed that a change in information technology must be made for the country to prosper.

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