Sajid Ali Sadpara says chances of his father survival are slim
Sadpara’s son loses hope for his father: source:

Sajid Ali Sadpara, son of famous Pakistani mountain climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara who had disappeared while doing a winter summit of the highest point of K2 on Friday night, said that the chances of the three climbers returning alive following three days were close to none under such cruel weather conditions.

Second-time rescue mission failed due to bad weather

Two armed force helicopters traveled to their most extreme limit of 7,800 meters for a second time and directed aerial surveys for an hour to find the missing climbers. The hunt group followed the Abruzzi and different routes however didn’t find any indications of the mountain climbers. The activity was not effective because of bad weather conditions and solid breezes and was temporarily suspended.

Less possibility of coming back from 8,000 meters

Sajid Ali Sadpara said that they started their campaign towards the K2 summit on February 05 and he arrived at the bottleneck point at the peak. He added, rescue activities presently possibly make sense if they are completed to bring back his body. Moreover, the possibility for anybody to survive at 8,000 meters after being missing for a few days is close to none.

Leakage of oxygen regulators

Sajid further said when he attempted to utilize the accessible oxygen, it appears that their regulators have leaked. He said that he experienced mental issues over there and his dad and John Snorri requested that he return. I got back from the bottleneck while different individuals from the group went up from that point to arrive at the K2 summit.

The finish of the second-day rescue mission in Skardu, Sajid Ali Sadpara said when I got back from Bottleneck at 8,200 meters, they were climbing up at the Bottleneck at 11 AM on Friday. I’m sure they made the K2 highest point and on their way back they may have had a mishap while coming down from the K2 Bottleneck, as it is the most dangerous route of the whole expedition.

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