Rise in Covid-19 || Pakistan Bans Travel From India for 2 weeks
Countries listed in C-category are restricted to travel-NCOC source: dawn.com

Pakistan Places Ban on upcoming Passengers from India due to Rise in Covid-19:

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases all over India. Pakistan decided not to allow any passenger from India to enter Pakistan Premises. It is a temporary ban. It will last for two weeks. Researches show that this wave of coronavirus is most dangerous of all.

Additionally, it contains a double mutation Covid variant. Within 15 days, an extreme rise in Covid-19 cases has been seen in India. Moreover, more than15 lakh cases of covid have been registered in India till now.

NCOC statement regarding the rise in Covid-19 cases:

After the thorough examination of Covid instances in India, the National Command and operation center of Pakistan (NCOC) declares to place a two-week travel restriction on all upcoming travelers from India. Pakistan imposes a ban on all the people who intend to en-route Pakistan through airlines or land routes.

Furthermore, according to the travel guidelines of Covid-19, those countries listed in the C category have to follow the guidelines given by NCOC while traveling. Additionally, according to the media sources, the latest coronavirus variant B.1.617 is the leading cause of the rise in Covid-19 cases. It is a double mutation virus. The two viral spikes allow this virus to escape through the immune system without any hurdle. This mutation makes the infections go viral in no time.

As a matter of fact, this virus was first observed in India, the state of Maharashtra. Further research from the National Institute of virology states that they took about 361 – covid samples from Maharashtra (India). Out of 361 samples, approximately 220 samples contain double mutation variants of coronavirus.

To summarize:

In this matter, the virology experts say that this double mutation virus is so strong that the self-manufactured Covid vaccines (Covisheild) might not reduce its adverse effects. It might be possible that the current covid vaccines become useless in front of this double mutant virus. Virology expert Shahid Jameel explained. This two-mutant virus force Pakistan and British countries to restrict travelers from India. Only British and Irish Nationality holders are allowed to enter the country premises.

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