Ramzan Transmission 2021, Amir Liaqat’s Confusing Situation, Live Show
Social media is criticizing Islamic Scholar’s unacceptable behavior source: images.dawn.com

Islamic Scholar, Dr. Amir Liaqat’s unpleasant case in Ramzan Transmission

Ramzan transmission aims to gain the blessings of the Almighty. These transmissions are organized for the audience to make them feel good. These plays also guide them about the teachings of Islam. Moreover, it is all about seeking forgiveness from Allah. Additionally, these shows purify one’s soul and freshen the believes and Imaan. Thanks to Mr. Amir Liaqat for disturbing the peace of the audience by performing such cheap and regretful actions in the live Ramzan transmission. We, as the viewers, can’t even describe that what exactly he is trying to show.

Yes! We are talking about the so-called religious Scholar and the member of the national assembly, Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain. He is also the previous minister of religious affairs. Introducing this man with such huge positions is a shame.

The reaction of the audience to his shameless action in Ramzan Transmission

Social media all over Pakistan is sharing Amir Liaqat’s videos and rejoicing themselves. At the same time, people are criticizing his actions too. Some people also show their aggression over his videos.

After watching these video clips, people become confused about protecting his Ramzan transmission or leaving his show. Being an Islamic Scholar, this kind of ridiculous behavior doesn’t suit him. It seems that it is a publicity stunt or Mr. Amir Liaqat wants attention. This is not enough yet. One after another, Amir Liaqat does the same thing again and again. The people get even frustrated and forced to think that anyone would do such things on the screen.

As this is social media, people make fun of everything in the form of a meme. Dr. Amir Liaqat provides meme material to the audience. In this regard, the well-disciplined and television artist and social workers say that this is the ridiculous thing that happened on the television screen.

To end up:

Honestly speaking, this type of behavior is not acceptable, especially in this Holy month of Ramzan. Here we show you some of the hilarious memes by the audience.

With all this meme material, the communication comes to an end, and once again, Amir Liaquat gives a solid point for the nation to humiliate him.

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