Ramiz Raja appoints as the new Chairman of the PCB.
PM Khan appoints Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman. image source: dawn.com

Ramiz Raja- Officially announced as the new Chairman of PCB.

Former Test captain Rameez Raja had emerged as a top runner in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), with rumors surrounding his appointment as the new Chairman appearing for days. After meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Ramiz Raja has been officially announced as the new Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the next three years. The term of the incumbent Chairman, Mr. Ehsan Mani, ends on September 18, after which the charge of the cricket board will be hand over to Mr. Rameez Raja

Ehsan Mani resigned as Chairman of the PCB:

Earlier today, Ehsan Mani resigned as Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Earlier this week, former captain and well-known commentator Ramiz Raja and Ehsan Mani had asked Prime Minister Imran Khan in Parliament about the appointment of the next PCB Chairman. Ehsan Mani told PM Khan about board issues and the structure of local cricket. Ehsan Mani said he had informed Prime Minister Imran Khan that he would no longer continue as Chairman.

Ehsan Mani will not be continuing as PCB Chairman:

Previously Mani was the only candidate to run for office, and all members of the Board of Directors unanimously voted to run the PCB. He replaced Najam Sethi, who resigned when Imran’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), took over the provincial government.

Najam Sethi expressed his View:

Former Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi expressed that current PCB chairman Ehsan Mani and CEO Wasim Khan need to be removed. Prime Minister Imran Khan has to take the time to peer what takes place in Pakistani cricket, Najam Sethi said in an interview in June 2021. The media will continue to remind him, he warned. Individuals will forget the political failure of the Prime Minister. However, they will no longer neglect the injustices perpetrated in cricket.

According to the former PCB chairperson:

According to the former PCB Chairman, domestic cricket was damaged due to poor decisions made by PCB management. They closed the door and regional cricket and failed to provide an alternative. “It is not right to close anything at once without a better approach. Cricket is destroyed at all levels now, ”he said.

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