Raabta app: Imran Khan to Launch App for PTI membership
The App ‘Raabta’ is Developed to Improve the PTI Membership source: bolnews.com

Imran Khan will launch a mobile app named ‘Raabta’ to increase the party membership. According to the senior PTI leader Asad Umar, The new Mobile App ‘Raabta’ app has been developed to improve PTI membership. Moreover, In an official statement posted on the microblogging website on Twitter, the PTI leader said the group chairman, Imran Khan, will inaugurate the group membership program today and launch the ‘Raabta’ mobile app to promote PTI membership.

Public rallies across the country:

“Let us be part of an organization and support Imran Khan in his struggle for a truly independent Pakistan,” he said. Former prime minister Imran Khan has held public rallies across the country and has used social media to spread his message and create pressure on the government. In addition, the PTI has been rallying the masses and calling for early elections since Imran Khan was ousted from the Prime Minister’s Office last month on a no-confidence motion.

In addition to the mobile app, Raabta, Imran Khan has been using various digital methods to promote his message to the people of Pakistan. Last month, the former prime minister hosted an online Twitter session where more than a million people joined in listening to him, and the said political session became the largest in Twitter history.

 Launching of the application:

On the occasion of the launching of the application, Imran Khan said that there is no doubt that the application will initially face obstacles. However, the application is very important to make the party an institution. Moreover, He said he wanted to make PTI a respected organization that would work well even after it. He said that if the meritocracy had not been developed in the country, we would have been left with only family parties.

PTI has become so popular in the country:

He appealed to young people to become a PTI members using this application. Users may face difficulties when registering for this application, but he said people should be patient. Furthermore, He acknowledged that they had made mistakes when distributing tickets in the 2018 election but that they would be corrected in the next election. Our nation is up against all evil now, so PTI is so popular.

Overseas Pakistanis:

Imran Khan said that Pakistanis abroad could also use the Raabta app to become a party members. He added that Pakistanis abroad are a valuable asset, but the current government is trying to curtail their right to vote.

Junaid Akram for Podcast Session:

In addition, Imran Khan also appeared in a podcast featuring communications promoter Junaid Akram. However, this was also the first time any political leader in Pakistan. Such tactics will enable Imran Khan to reach the general public. It also allows PTI fans to access their leader easily.

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