Quetta Hotel Blast was a Suicide Attack, Statement by Interior Minister
The attacker explodes himself inside the car - Minister: source: dawn.com

Exclusive from Quetta – Hotel Blast

Quetta Hotel blast in the luxurious venue of Quetta is the planned suicide attack, said the Interior Minister, Sheikh Rasheed. It is a suicide attack because the bomber explodes himself within the car. While addressing the press conference regarding this matter, he says that 12 people are critically injured while 5 are dead on the spot. The incident took place in the parking area of the hotel. Rasheed says that “Pakistan is a strong nation.” Along with the help of our brilliant Armed forces, we will overcome all the devil desires of the opposition.

Sheikh Rasheed indicates India’s actions behind this Quetta Blast:

While talking about the hotel blast of Quetta’s luxury venue, the interior minister says that India schemes to disturb Pakistan’s peace. Within the past 5 to 10 days, about 25k to 30k accounts have been created in India, which is a strong indicator that India plans to destabilize Pakistan. Furthermore, he says that India aims to diminish the prosperity of our state and disturb our relationships with foreign elements, “the interior minister added.”

“These foreign forces cannot digest the progress and prosperity of Pakistan” – Interior Minister.

After this incident, Sheikh Rasheed implemented 22 law of enforcement institutions under its administration. The government made this decision for security reasons. Additionally, the enforcement institution includes FC, Rangers, the coastal guards. The other armed forces remain on high alert. In this regard, the interior minister says, “We are a strong nation. With the help and support of these brilliant minds and powerful agencies, we will overcome all the devil conspiracies planned by India”. While giving updates about the people who were injured in the hotel blast, the minister says that out of 11 injured people, about six people went home after their recovery. The rest 5 are in the hospital, out of which 2 or 3 are critical.

China condemns blast in Quetta

Regarding the hotel blast, China Ambassador was in Quetta, but luckily he is safe. When the explosion happened, the Chinese ambassador was not in the hotel. The forensic investigation results showed that the terrorists had not been identified yet. The Chinese minister also consoles the blast of Quetta.

PM worked all night:

The PM had been monitoring the Quetta blast updates till late last night. Prime Minister also showed his grief over the loss of pure and innocent lives in this Quetta suicidal blast.

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