Pyar Ke Sadqay Drama On Hum TV

Drama is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and it is coordinated by Farooq Rind. The setting of the play is by all accounts charming and novel. ‘Yumna Zaidi’ and ‘Bilal Abbas’ starrer drama sequential ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’. The story rotates around two weirdo Abdullah and Mahjabeen, the two of them live in their own universe of dreams. The prettiest Yumna Zaidi is shining out in the entire play and Bilal Abbas too is splendidly playing out his job.

The opening scene representing a sweet young lady Mahajabeen ‘Yumna Zaidi’ who in her fantasies is topping in her class however in general, she has by and by failed and she is going to repeat her class. It appears that she is confronting extraordinary trouble in examining and she is figuring out how to get away from the questions and for that, the ideal arrangement is getting raised. Mahjabeen is arguing her mom to marry her at the earliest opportunity.

Abdullah is likewise appeared as an ideal match for Mahajabeen as he has failed in his University tests yet he has bested in Mathematics, it appears that he is pressured to contemplate business as his dad who is by all accounts not his genuine dad needs him to consider business. Abdullah is fascinated by a full of life girl ‘Yashma Gill’ in his University however she considers him a weird like any other person.

Aside from this comedy and light sight of the play, a clouded side has likewise been described that why Abdullah is that way? His step father has gotten him up that way. Abdullah’s dad died when he was a youngster and her mom wedded his worker in the company who is a lot younger than her age, he imagines that he is supporting her children and have yielded her life for that yet in genuine he has a negative motive to assume control over the entirety of her property and business. He has intentionally raised Abdullah as a ‘good for nothing’ kind a kid who will have no guts to stand up to him in future. Just Abdullah’s sister knows all his existence yet she is as vulnerable as Abudullah as nobody including her mom is prepared to understand the truth of her husband.

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