PTI Comes To Power, Pakistan Will Progress Faster-Prime Minister Khan
On Tuesday, PM Imran Khan addresses a meeting in Ziarat source:

Imran Khan Said that Pakistan will Grow Faster under Governance of PTI:

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) makes the country an economically as well as financially stable state, said Prime Minister Imran Khan. While addressing the Ziarat conference, the PM discussed the economic growth of the country. During the discussion, Imran Khan also expresses his sympathy to the families of the martyred soldiers in Quetta’s terrorist attack.

Moreover, the PM urges that Pakistan is passing through an extremely difficult situation. Additionally, “the opposition urges that the government of PTI will not stand. On the contrary, the government has come to power”, Imran Khan added.

“The opposition is speaking because they are afraid of us. If the PTI government would successfully take the country to another level then their political business will fall. That is why they are making noise and saying that Pakistan and its economy are destroyed” Prime Minister clarifies.

Furthermore, “this year, the reports of National Accounts Committee reflects the economic growth of about 3.94%. The reports were made public. In this regard, the opposition claims that these figures were incorrect”, says Imran Khan.

Government Making Efforts for the progress of Balochistan:

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the Government of PTI is working hard for the progress and welfare of Balochistan. We consider Balochistan our own state. Furthermore, the PM says that the previous governments have done nothing for Balochistan. Neither of those governments spent money on the provincial development of this region.

To ensure the progress of Balochistan, despite facing these difficult times, the PTI Government uses all of its resources to bring positive changes in this area. Imran Khan further says that, due to previous governments, we are under extreme debts. All of our earnings went towards bill payments.


Talking about his Governance, Prime Minister Imran Khan says that according to the UNDP report, the rate of poverty in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had dropped to the highest rate during the period of 2013 to 2018. The Government spends a huge amount of money on education as well as on providing people with the proper healthcare facilities.

To wind up the meeting, Premier says that he will continue to visit here on and off to make sure the progress of Ziarat. Also “the government of PTI will donate money for the enhancement development of more roads whenever we have space for it”, PM says.

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