Prime Minister of Pakistan - Imran Ahmed Khan
Prime Minister of Pakistan - Imran Ahmed Khan

Prime Minister Imran khan exposed the Indian Army chief plan for bogus and false flag operation planning against Pakistan, Last time on 28-Feb-2019 Indian Air force tried to enter in Pakistan illegally but lost one Mig-21 fighter jet while running back to Indian side border after Pakistan’s strong and immediate defensive response also one Indian pilot was captured and beaten up by the local civilians which Pakistani army saved him later on from the civilians and returned to Indian authorities as a good will gesture that was praised and appreciated by the world leaders and United Nations. whereas Indian media was trying to hide this big insult and continuously spreading false claims of shooting down Pakistani fighter jet F-16 (Later exposed by USA based Lockheed Martin – A manufacturer of F-16 that Indian claim to shoot F-16 is wrong) which is a big embarrassment for India and labeled as vintage army in the world.

After few days India mistakenly shot down its own helicopter killed six people thinking it was Pakistani fighter jet.

Once again, Prime minister Imran Khan says the Indian armed force chief’s’ ongoing proclamation adds to Islamabad’s interests about a bogus flag operation activity.

In a progression of tweets on Saturday, the head stated, “I have been cautioning the international network of this for quite a while and am emphasizing once more, if India does such an activity to redirect consideration from its local disorder in addition to prepare war panic to activate Hindu patriotism, Pak will have no choice yet to give a befitting reaction.”

He said in the course of the most recent five years of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, India has been moving towards “Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist extremist belief system.”

Imran Khan tweeted
Imran Khan tweeted

Tweet Part 1. “Over the last 5 years of Modi’s govt, India has been moving towards Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist fascist ideology. Now with the Citizens Amendment Act, all those Indians who want a pluralist India are beginning to protest & it is becoming a mass movement. “

Tweet Part 2. At the same time the siege by Indian Occupation forces in IOJK continues & a bloodbath can be expected when it is lifted. As these protests are increasing, threat to Pak from India is also increasing. Indian Army Chief’s statement adds to our concerns of a False Flag operation

Tweet Part 3. I have been warning the int community of this for some time & am reiterating again: if India does such an operation to divert attention from its domestic chaos plus whip up war hysteria to mobilise Hindu nationalism, Pak will have no option but to give a befitting response”

Prime Minister Imran khan exposed the Indian Army chief

“Presently with the Citizens Amendment Act, each one of those Indians who need a pluralist India are starting to dissent and it is turning into a mass development,” he included.

Simultaneously, the attack by Indian occupation powers in India involved Jammu and Kashmir proceeds and a bloodbath can be normal when it is lifted, PM Khan stated, including: “As these fights are expanding, danger to Pak from India is additionally expanding.”

Prior, on Dec 19, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor had said Pakistan is prepared to react any animosity from the Indian side. The DG-ISPR in his tweet stated: “Forceful explanations and arrangements for heightening along Line of Control give off an impression of being an exertion as regular to redirect world consideration from wide spread fights in India against CAB.”

ARY News Reported
Replies to Mr. Prime Minister Tweet.

Haqeeqat TV replied:

Haqeeqat TV responded

“وزیراعظم صاحب اس سے پہلے کہ مودی حملہ کرے اور جنگ آزاد کشمیر میں لڑی جائے بہتر ہے کہ ہم حملہ کر دیں فوجیں کشمیر میں اتار دیں تاکہ جنگ کشمیر اور باقی بھارت میں لڑی جائے اس وقت بھارت پر حملہ ہوا تو وہ خود ٹکڑے ٹکڑے ہو جائے گا “

Freexpression replied to tweet:

Freexpression tweeted

I would blame Pakistan to some extend, the reason such things are happening because of loss of balance of power, there is no fear of consequences, Muslim leader just do lip service and want international community to do something.

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