Prime Minister Expresses Full Courage in Nuclear ability of Pakistan
PM was reported about many aspects of the Strategic Program during his visit source:

Islamabad-Prime Minister Expresses Dedication about Pakistan’s Nuclear ability:

On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a visit to the nuclear capability which is controlled by the Strategic Forces Commands of the Army. On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the nuclear test which was performed in 1998, the PM visited the nuclear site.

According to the resources, since he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, this was the first visit of Imran Khan to the nuclear location. So far, he didn’t address any meeting of the National Command Authority.

PM Khan Acknowledges the National Defense System:

During the meeting with the National Command Authority, Mr. Khan expresses full courage as well as determination in the nuclear ability and security to enhance the national defense system. In this regard, PM acknowledges the constant efforts of all scientists. Also the brilliant heads of the team that is working on this Strategic Program of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JSCS) Chairman, General Nadeem Raza, and General Nadeem Zaki Manj, Director General Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant, received the Prime Minister on his arrival.

During the meeting with the chiefs and generals of the nuclear Strategic Program, the Prime Minister Expresses his pleasure and gratitude for this strategy. He says that this strategy will work best as the national defense system of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the country is in safe hands. All the scientists and the extremely talented team of experts are constantly working on this strategy. Their aim is to improve the nuclear defense system.


In order to provide strength to the national defense system, Prime minister Imran Khan appreciates the team of all the personnel and experts. They are working hard to make Pakistan a strong and unbeatable nation in terms of nuclear defense.

Moreover, he was glad to address the meeting of the National Command Authority. The Generals reported to the PM on various aspects of the Nuclear Strategic Program of Pakistan.

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